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Adrian Doughty - Hire Comedians

Adrian Doughty

Adrian Doughty: dancer, drag artist, comedian, media manager, event organiser, PR king and all-round entertainer.

Once a meat manager at Sainsbury’s, Adrian was destined to leave the world of mince and chops to cavort with the princes of pop, as he embarked on a dazzling career in media and entertainment.

As a promoter who is also an artist himself, Adrian has a unique insight into the delicate dynamics involved in reaching the public psychologically through the media and reaching the public directly from the stage. This is what has made him such an invaluable representative for so many artists and entrepreneurs.

His apparently endless list of contacts from all walks of life also make him a man that both media professionals and up and coming artists are desperate to do business with. But how did he come to have such a colourful variety of associates?

The answer may be surprising to you and may make him blush, but the truth is – he developed such a network largely through his irresistible urge to help people.

Once coping with over 20 alcoholics and drug addicts in a homeless shelter. How he came to run the shelter he hardly knows himself, but suffice to say the individuals he began helping gradually grew in number to the extent where the place of refuge that he offered various broken people became an official haven.

It wasn’t without its challenges however, and the stories that Adrian tells us from that time are hair-raising. Sadly, the shelter ran into huge financial difficulties and Adrian faced bankruptcy. The clients were looking at him in terror asking him what was going to happen to the shelter, would they all have to go back on the streets again?

It was the depths of winter – just one night sleeping rough would have killed the weaker ones. Adrian tried to reassure them saying ‘Don’t worry, I’ll find some money’, not having a clue where he would get it from. To save them, that night he became a stripper.

As a result of horrific incident it was recommended that time out was needed. Adrian found himself on a Virgin £199 fly drive alone.

He upgraded to a Pontiac convertable and journeyed across the Florida highway. He some how landed at the small business and franchise exhibition. When he stumbled across a new invention the “Easy Wrap”, a vacuum operated, balloon machine. That was able to place a stuffed toy inside a balloon like a ship in a bottle.

It was at this point thinking back to his teenage days on the market in East Street, Camberwell, London with the Pearly kings, the fish brothers, he knew instantly this was a winner. Also a possible answer to not only saving the homeless but also keep the roof’s over the heads of his family. The fact a teddy bear came in at £2.50 and went out for £9.99 sealed the deal. So he headed back to England to join the Full Monty and by Easter was the first to import this idea to the British seaside tourists on Eastbourne Pier.

It was here that Adrian honed the foundations that he later developed, to hold and entertain a crowd – as the above picture shows.

However brash and raucous he might come across as on occasions, the delicacy and precision Adrian employs as an artist is breathtaking. Adrian has always felt strongly that the audience deserves the best. He never short-changes them, never skims over a single detail. Whatever job he is doing, he wants it to be perfect.

Audiences immediately open up to his warmth and generosity of spirit. You couldn’t begin to count the amount of times Adrian has brought joy to people.

He can walk into a room that seems like a Siberian morgue completely unfazed and within minutes, he’ll be up on the table shouting jokes and women who were glaring and suspicious on his arrival are suddenly hugging him and crying with laughter.

This ability to transform atmospheres as an artist, he uses to transform public perceptions of businesses – as their promoter. He will take a company or concept that he believes in – and feed it to every contact he knows for breakfast, dinner and tea.

This is what has happened with Cyber Knife. The concept excited him and never one to keep his opinions quiet, he set about crusading for their acceptance everywhere.

The father of three children himself, and the counsellor to hundreds. Adrian’s great skill is to bring people together – often for pleasure but also with the serious hope that through uniting and co-operating, they might be able to strengthen and help each other.

This site is a special combination of influential figures in business, showbiz, media, PR and live entertainment in the hope that we might all benefit each other as well as benefiting the most important recipients of the countless charity commitments he enjoys:

The Samaritons
British Forces Foundation
Misunderstood – for children with behavioural problems such as ADHD.
Cyber Knife Hospital Appeal – Latest technology for treating Cancer
Dave Lee’s Happy Holiday’s – For children with terminal disease’s to go for their dream holiday.
Adrian says: If we can all combine and use our talents to help those kids with nothing, then I will feel that my life and work are truly worthwhile’. Thankfully for the children and us, Adrian realised he could offer the world far more than a pound of sausages from Sainsburys.

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