Brian and Krystal


For more years than they care to remember Brian and Krystal have entertained psychopaths and lunatics in London pubs, workingmen’s clubs and sanatoriums.

Six years ago, during a bout of severe depression and on the advice of his therapist, he sought solace on the London comedy circuit…

Brian says… “The first time I went to a comedy club I saw all these depressed, agitated, stressed out, worried looking people and I thought… I wanna be a part of that!” Now he is!

To his surprise he won the JONGLEURS Competition in April ’98 Since then he has performed at various U.K. venues including* THE EDINBURGH FESTIVAL * GLASTONBURY * MECCANO * BEARCAT * UP THE CREEK  THE LAUGHTER LOUNGE IN DUBLIN <& GALWAY * THE HACKNEY EMPIRE BANANA CABARET * THE COMEDY CAFE * BOUND A GAGGED * JONGLEURS and many other comedy venues… too humorous to mention. The duo have also toured SCOTLAND, JOHANNESBURG (South Africa), VARIOUS UNIVERSITIES around the UK and early in 2002 they toured in AUSTRALIA.


In 2002 Brian Krysstal appeared at the Edinburgh Festival for the third year running. Shows include “Pear Shaped At Midnight”, “Damage DeLacy” and Brian also compered the sell-out “Stand Up Show” at The Guilded Balloon Following the enormous success of the OVAL COMEDY CLUB (1997-2000 RIP).

Brian & Krysstal now run compere their own Central London Club PEAR SHAPED IN FITZROVIA (with a tiny amount of help and a large amount of interference from Paul Foot)

In his act Brian talks candidly about the bizarre world of showbiz. To an almost musical background, he airs his views on his misspent youth, the futility of life, shattered relationships, the joy of divorce, advancing old age, being a cortina driver, coping with failure
and last but by all means least… positive drinking!

Krysstal plays tambourine, sings, interrupts whenever possible 6\ tries very hard to look glamorous. Like most comedians, Brian was bullied at school… usually because he couldn’t think of a joke!


To book Brian and Krystal, call us on 0208 555 0980.