AS A PROFESSIONAL CARICATURIST I have a range of styles which are used according to the requirements. While I have the standard caricaturing style for ‘caricatures from photos’ I do like to experiment with other techniques whenever possible to satisfy my natural creative curiosity.

CARI2This (left) is the usual way I produce caricatures from photos, with a base black and white cross-hatching foundation coloured, in Photoshop, with various layers.

Below, you can see my usual ‘on-the-spot caricaturing’ style. It has to be produced quickly, usually on paper, so the shades are splashed on with grey marker. I’ve refined the technique to allow myself time to add hobbies and interests which always goes down well, and also, to add splashes of extra colour for additonal value.

Recently, I have been asked to draw digital caricatures on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or the Apple iPad. The advantage of this is that they can be connected to electronic screens and the finished artwork can be emailed direct to each ‘victim’ on the spot. the limitations of the stylus connectivity and the lack of pressure sensitivity affects these caricatures and produces a totally different style, especially when wanted, as they usually are, at great speed.

When I have the time, I like to paint caricatures, using watercolours and have had the great fortune of being asked to submit some to a gallery in Australia. Consequently I produced a few caricatures of their well-known celebrities, including this one of Nicole Kidman.

Fortunately, there is a wide market for a caricaturist or cartoonist these days and social media allows me to provide cartoon avatars to customers who want something a little bit different from a photo/profile pic. For these, I range from the most simple, flat-coloured comic book style to the highly-detailed, densely-shaded caricature.