Dave Fulton

Dave Fulton

Dave Fulton started comedy back when it was popular and profitable.

Decided to stay on past the point of when it wasn’t. It’s the desire to say something original combined with the fear of a civilian day job that perpetuates the illusion of forward progress.

The trick is to find the balance point between any financial burdens incurred and the even weightier responsibility of originality. It appears the placement of this fulcrum has come to be the most important decision.

Professional goals writing:
Scripts? Got ’em.

Live preformance goals:
To bring everyone into the same mental picture verbally. Not too much to ask…

The Ultimate acting role:

Be the bad guy in a Tom Cruises film. I kill his family and leave him for dead. He spends the next ninety minutes tracking me down with the limp I gave him going from diner to strip joint to recently robbed gas station showing a photo of me to strangers who’s collective response upon seeing it is ‘he’s not a very nice person’ to which Tom replies something like, ‘no he’s not.’ Cut away to me on the correlatively placed Harley looking over my shoulder. Finally he catches up with me and does me in by tossing me off some bridge with a grenade shoved down my throat. He gets the nod from the critics as being the strong yet vulnerable action hero. I buy a 44-foot sailboat in Seattle that has the words ‘Thanks Tom’ painted on the stern. Five years down the road Entertainment Tonight does a ‘Where Are They Now” and fines me in an old pair of khakis with a gut peeing off the back of my boat with a beer in hand trying to convince interviewer it’s all for the best.

Personal goals

Heliboarding, Denali, Himalayas, a climb on any big wall, Antarctica, open water sailing, build my own house, make sense of the myth known as history and write that novel. Be a good husband…Oh yeah, I think it’s important to share more without being a whiner.

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