Jonathan Royle

Jonathan Royle

PROFESSIONAL MIND MAGICIAN. After over 23 years in the Live entertainment industry of which over a decade was spent performing, as a conventional Stage Hypnotist Jonathan Royle has now become a Mind Magician!

As Europe’s Leading Mind Magician he skilfully blends Mind Magic & Psychic Feats with hilarious comedy to recreate:


The easiest way to describe Jonathan Royle’s Unique and Hilarious show is by saying:

“He does everything you’d expect a Comedy Stage Hypnotist to do YET HE NEVER HYPNOTISES ANYONE and then he goes far beyond anything you have ever seen live before!”

Here are a Dozen Good Reasons to Book Jonathan Royle today:

#(01)- Jonathan Royle is Europe’s Top MIND MAGICIAN.

#(02)- He skillfully blends Mind Magic with Comedy to provide a unique & hilarious show which recreates ALL THE FUN OF A GENUINE STAGE HYPNOTISM SHOW without him ever hypnotising anyone!

#(03)- As NOBODY IS EVER HYPNOTISED BY JONATHAN this show does not need any form of license and/or permission from your Local Council Authority to take place.

#(04)- As NOBODY IS EVER HYPNOTISED BY JONATHAN this show is completely Safe in every way and as such can Legally be performed in ANY VENUE even where Stage Hypnotism is banned!

#(05)- Although this show is 100% Safe, Legal & Ethical, as an experienced professional performer Jonathan Royle is an EQUITY MEMBER and as such has Five Million Pounds of Public Liability Insurance!

#(06)- As NOBODY IS EVER HYPNOTISED BY JONATHAN it is true to say that nobody should ever come to any harm either Psychically, Mentally or Emotionally as a result of taking part.

#(07)- As NOBODY IS EVER HYPNOTISED BY JONATHAN he is prepared to remove Legal Responsibility for the show going ahead from the venue and/or booker and instead TAKE FULL LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY ON HIS OWN SHOULDERS.

#(08)- With literally 100’s of TV, Radio, Newspaper & Magazine credits to his name Jonathan Royle is fast becoming a household name and is without doubt a crowd pulling attraction suitable for all CAPACITY VENUES!

#(09)- All shows are tailored to suit each venue and booking clients needs, from a 100% squeaky clean family show on the one hand to a XXX Rated Outrageous Adults Only show on the other.

#(10)- From a three minute TV appearance to a Two & a half hour Theatre show Jonathan Royle should be your first choice every time you want top class Comedy Entertainment.

#(11)- Fully self-contained with own P.A. System, Lighting, Special Effects and first class props and costumes!

#(12)- Have Car Will Travel & Have Passport will Fly!