Peter Kingsley

Peter Kingsley

Peter Kingsley has been performing stage hypnosis internationally and throughout the United Kingdom developing one of the most sought after one-man shows today. His performances arc unique, hilarious, enlightening and always tasteful; earning Peter an outstanding reputation for bringing afresh fun and purely entertaining approach to hypnotism while dispelling the mysterious myths surrounding this fascinating state of mind.

Peter’s stage presentation features a completely open and observable process during which the audience becomes witness to a remarkable transformation; that of the participant’s journey from a conscious to a subconscious state of mind. It is with his participants in this hypnotised state, that Peter builds his enormously entertaining performance with participants and audience members alike.

Each participant will react differently to the suggestions offered, so no two shows are over alike! Because of this unique factor, Peter is able to personalise the performance to fit any event or corporate function. The performance is 60 – 90 minutes of pure enlightening fun!!

Professionally trained by top TV stage hypnotist, Peter will explore the creativity and imagination within the subconscious mind.

During any performance you will be thrilled as Peter introduces Bob the Builder, Roller Coaster Rides and Formula One Racing. Watch as participants see friends like they have never seen the before, listen to Martians converse. Be spellbound as fans go wild over celebrities and laugh uncontrollably as belly buttons go missing.

This is the only show that is as much fun for the audience as it is for the participants!