Simon Clayton

Simon Clayton has been a stand up comic since the summer of 1995.

On stage Simon talks about what he is; male, fat, mixed race, married, balding and anything else that currently makes him laugh… although not necessarily in that order. He has performed nationwide with a set (20 – 45 minutes as required).

Simon is also a very experienced compere. Here is what some other people think of him.

  • “Likeable fast thinking Londoner”, London Evening Standard.
  • “Very skilful stand up”, Time Out.
  • “Mr Clayton’s like a bottle of HP sauce, fat, brown and fruity”, Loaded.
  • “Simon’s natural brightness often leads to disruptive high jinks during registration”, Mr Massey, head of 6th Form, Southgate School.

To book Simon Clayton, call us on 0208 555 0980.