Tom Pepper

TV Comedian & After Dinner Speaker

To solve you’re after dinner problems, engage the professional Tom Pepper.

Tom pepper started his Career as a lead singer fronting many well known bands, several records later Tom decided to become a solo guitar vocalist.

He made several comedy records one of which went to No 2 in Australia. The Liverpool humour soon started to shine through, Tom enriched this and the years of hard work have paid off.

He got his first TV break When Nigel Lithgo gave him a shot on Central TVs “Saturday Royal” after which Tom never looked back, as it led to numerous appearances on L.W.T.s Summer time Special, Blankety Blanks, Yorkshire TVs 321s, special guest on Knees up. As Well hosting his own radio show.

The comedians, Wednesday at eight with Tarby to name but a few.

Then came the turning point in Tom’s career. An appearance on Live at the London Palladium with Jimmy Tarbuck.

This was to change Tom’s life in a big way; He received accolades from all corners of the entertainment industry. At this point in his career Tom Pepper had arrived at the top of his game.

Tom went on to appear on many more prestigious programs, Live at Her Majesties, Live at the Piccadilly etc.

Tom is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to after dinner speaking; he is sought after by just about every corporate event, as well as golf, football, cricket, rugby dinners etc.

Tom has been blessed in that the critics over the years have had nothing but praise for him. “The man has more charisma than I have seen in quite some time” from the moment he walked on stage he had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand, this man is destined for stardom”

When you see Tom’s live show I’m sure you will agree. TONY BARROW. THE STAGE AND TELEVISION TODAY.

As a stand up comedian Tom Pepper is the real deal. Armed with the wealth of material required and the potential for a Swing-shift in comedic styles, Tom always retained that hint of mischief in his delivery which suggested that he could turn on the “adult stuff” if he need to. Although on this particular night, with cruise ship bookers on the lookout, the material chosen was of the clean and very clever variety”

“Tom Pepper must have been walking on air”

He walked on stage in front of millions of viewers “Live at her Majesty’s” theatre and completely stole the show. NINA MISCHKOFF. THE SUN NEWSPAPER.

These are just a few comments of many.